Often, people who slip and fall do not consider it to be too much of a concern, especially if they do not feel any pain at the time. However, slip and fall accidents are one of the most common ways individuals are injured across the US. While some slip and falls may be minor and not lead to any serious injuries, some falls do lead to serious injuries that can have life-changing consequences, or, in some cases, death.

A slip and fall accident can happen anywhere – as you walk up the stairs at the mall, as you head to a table in a restaurant, and even as you shop at the grocery store. You never know when it may happen, but it can.

We often place our trust in these establishments, companies, and owners that their premises are safe and that there are no hazards that will inflict injury upon us. If you are injured as the result of a slip and fall accident, you need an experienced lawyer on your side.

It is not always easy to simply recover money from the at-fault party because you must prove fault. The experts at Prosmushkin & Tsirkin Trial Lawyers will work closely with you to establish fault and help you recover the compensation that you are entitled to.

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Establishing Fault Takes an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney in NJ

Before you can recover compensation for your injuries, fault must be proven. Our lawyers can help you prove fault and we will perform a complete investigation to do so.

The three main points to prove fault include:

  • A dangerous situation must have existed and must be identifiable
  • The property owner had to have had notice about the situation
  • The relationship between the owner and injured party must be established

Navigating a slip and fall accident is not easy and can be very complex. It is vital that you work with an experienced personal injury lawyer in NJ to help you prove the above three points in your case.

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You may think that you do not need a lawyer but a slip and fall accident is very complex. An at-fault owner or the owner’s insurance company is not going to just hand over money and they will fight back to prove that negligence did not exist.

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